(Eagle News)–President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, Oct. 17, said he fired Pedro Aquino Jr. as the head of the Philippine National Oil Corporation over an “idiotic contract.”

“Here is a guy who prepared a contract with the Russians and the Russians thought that it, that was all there is to it,” the President said during his speech at the 45th Philippine Business Conference and Expo.

The President did not elaborate on the contract but according to reports, it was one with Russian firm Rosneft Oil Company.

Duterte said upon learning of the contract, he said “Adre, abogado ka?’ ‘Yes.’ Sabi ko, ‘Ano ‘yung kalokohan mo na baliktad.”

“Baliktad ang gusto mo e. Ikaw yung contract and you want the Board of Directors to ratify your idiotic contract,” the President added.

The Palace earlier said Aquino was asked to resign due to “loss of confidence.”

“The President’s order is still in line, and pursuant to his anti-corruption campaign in the government, and underscores once again that there are no sacred cows under this Administration,” the Palace had said.