NEGRENSE actor Javi Benitez, the main player in the forthcoming movie Kid Alpha One and a son of the illustrious former Negros Occidental Third District Representative Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez celebrated his special day in a special way.

He celebrated his 25th birthday Tuesday, October 8, by leading the youth of the Third District in planting 5,000 pieces of mangrove propagules (Bakhaw) at Barangay Tomongtong in E.B Magalona, the blue crab capital of Negros Occidental.

Javi was joined by another Negrense actress Sue Ramirez, his leading lady in the Kid Alpha One movie which is up for showing in Cinemas next year.

Javi said, “I can do many things to celebrate my birthday like hosting a party, go on a leisure trip or take a rest. But I chose to do this undertaking knowing its meaningful effect to our environment and our people. This is a rare gift that I have received on my birthday by having all of you on my birthday,” he said.

He added, “We can all smile in the coming years seeing the favorable result of our effort in today. I really appreciate your presence on my special day,” the young actor said.

Sue Ramirez wished Javi the best of what he does as an actor and as a citizen of this province and country.

“What Javi did was very inspiring. I hope he will continue to do this kind of endeavor to inspire more people,” she said.

Javi, Sue, the youth volunteers, and the public officials present partook the seafood prepared by the host town of E.B. Magalona.

The town maintained a 20-hectare mangrove forest in Barangay Tomongtong.

Mayor Malacon put up an eco-trail with a bamboo bridge that spans to a kilometer.

The eco-trail that is surrounded by mangroves have bamboo and Nipa huts cottages in the area going to the beachfront, a relaxing place for those who love nature. Barangay Tomongtong is home to blue crabs and wild ducks. The mangrove serves as a refuge to migratory birds that protect the coastline against tides and storms.

The mangrove development is a community-based program managed by the fisherfolks and the women organizing themselves into an association with the support of the local government and the Barangay.

Barangay Tomongtong is the biggest mangrove forest and the town’s top eco-tourism attraction.

Mayor Malacon was grateful that the birthday celebration of Javi Benitez was held in his town’s eco-trail mangrove.

Javi’s well-wishers were delighted by his kind of birthday celebration.