PEOPLE now can enjoy the advantage of plunging into a wave pool, which is a blend of a pool and a brine with its man-made or machine-led waves.

Negros Occidental, so far, has two spots with an amenity of a wave pool. One in the area of Talisay City and the other, is just within the heart of Bacolod City.

At the Bacolod Reclamation area, there is a wave pool where people can enjoy.

This wave pool was developed from a former pool which was remade into a wave pool that will surely add fun to playing with the water.

The pool disperses calmness and equilibrium, brightened by colorful lights that go with the ebb of the artificial current.

It was a perfect place to spend pleasantries with family and friends over a bunch of nourishments and quenchers.

A night plunge would be perfect for those whose purpose is to loosen up.