Need some ideas on how to make the most of those relaxing weekends at home? There’s no situation that won’t be improved with a great bottle of wine. We’ve also got a great deal you’ll wanna clink glasses to. For the month of October, you can buy two bottles and get one free at S Liquor, Bayon Market and Super Store. Read on for some of our recommendations.

Recreate the restaurant experience at home and have a backyard barbecue in the comfort of your home. It won’t hurt to have a few bottles of Beaulieu Vineyards California Cabernet Sauvignon (USD14.50) on hand either. This ruby-hued wine features red fruit aromas, with a subtle oakiness on the nose that complements the smokiness of barbecued meats.

Of course, a classic wine and cheese party is always a good idea. The notes of vibrant dark cherry and dark plum of the Beaulieu Vineyards California Merlot (USD14.50) offer a subtle sweetness — a welcome contrast with aged hard cheeses.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather to get some sunbathing in is a great idea. After, why not cool off with a glass of Beaulieu Vineyards California Chardonnay (USD14.50)? It’s a refreshing sip, with notes of pineapple and red apple with a hint of citrus. Creating a tropical paradise from your own backyard isn’t impossible. 

These wines and more are on sale for the month of October, so don’t miss out.

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